Glass city author signing


This Saturday, (October 8th), I had a great adventure! The glass city author signing I attended, was the largest signing i’ve had the pleasure to be at, and so far, it was the most fun! People dressed in costumes, including the Queen of Hearts and a mermaid, which certainly gave me ideas for my next book signing! Maybe Alice should go to a signing as Alice in Wonderland??? There was also a giant penis that floated around, and this was the first signing i’ve been at that had alcohol (read: FUCK YES!).
The authors that I got to meet were amazing. Some of them i’ve been waiting years to meet in person, and others I met for the first time and fell in love! It’s an amazing feeling to follow someone on social media for so long, feeling like you’re a part of their life, and then finally getting to meet them 🙂
The readers I got to meet made me feel like i’m finally starting to “make it” in this author world. So many people had read and loved my books, recognized my name, promoted me, and all around in general expressed love for me. That is an AMAZING feeling. So MANY people I met for the first time, and they already knew who I was… it made me want to cry. It’s so hard to tell with social media if you’re actually making an impact, or if you’re just shouting words and sending off pictures into a black hole in space, but apparently I am being heard, and people seem to like what I say 🙂
All in all, I feel like this signing was a personal victory for me. I’ve been struggling with some personal unhappiness’s, feeling insecure about my writing and presence as an author, just in general not feeling successful, but this signing has lit my fire again, and I feel refreshed. It’s hard to fight your personal demons alone, but when you realize how surrounded you are by love and support, that fight get’s much easier. I love you all, and I thank you for loving me in return.